Comercial Frutera llerdense, S.A. (Cofri) was founded in Lleida in 1988, the most important seed- and pit-fruit production region in Spain. It was founded with the mission of serving as a bridge and offering a sales service between the production anywhere in the world and the final recipients at destination.

Our production, selection and handling standards enable us to ensure high-quality fruit and a constant product supply.

The main products we commercialise are apples, pears, citrus fruits, peaches and nectarines coming primarily from Spain, the European Union and other producing regions in the world, including Chile, Brazil, Uruguay, China and Egypt.


We produce high-quality fruit.


We select and handle the product.


Our logistics department manages
delivery to their destination.

We also make investments to go from being a commercialiser to a producer, in our bid to offer our customers the best products. In this way, we control not only their commercialisation but also their production.

We offer business diary services to customers from different markets, as well as to the processing industries. Over the course of time, the amounts of fruit we commercialise have risen year by year, and today they stand at 40,000 tonnes per year.

Our customers and suppliers are what enable us to be in the market every day, and thus give our company life. They all allow us to grow day after day.