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The purpose of this legal notice is to regulate the use of the website, which is owned by Comercial Frutera Ilerdense, S.A. (hereinafter, the WEBSITE OWNER).

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Any unauthorized use is strictly prohibited and the WEBSITE OWNER may refuse or withdraw access to and/or use of the website at any moment.



In accordance with the Information Society and Electronic Commerce Services Act (Law 34 of 11 July 2002), the WEBSITE OWNER hereby informs you that:
– Its company name is Comercial Frutera Ilerdense, S.A.
– Its Spanish Tax ID (CIF) is A25066077
– Its registered address is at Passatge Joc de la Bola 4 2º 1ª – 25003 – Lleida – LLEIDA



If you wish to contact us, you can do so via the following channels:
– Tel.: 973267886
– Email:

Any notification or communication that takes place between the users and the WEBSITE OWNER will be considered effective for all applicable purposes, provided the above channels have been used.



This website and its services are offered freely and without charge. However, the WEBSITE OWNER may require users to first complete the corresponding form in order to use certain services that are offered on the website.

Users must make sure that all of the details they share with the WEBSITE OWNER are genuine and up to date, and will bear exclusive liability for any false or inaccurate declarations they may make.

Users expressly undertake to use the content and services provided by the WEBSITE OWNER correctly and to refrain from the following actions (among others):
– Sharing content that is unlawful, violent, pornographic, racist, xenophobic, offensive, seeks to justify terrorism or otherwise breaches the law or public order.
Introducing computer viruses into the network or taking actions that may be liable to alter, damage, interrupt, generate errors in or otherwise harm the electronic documents, data or hardware or software systems belonging to the WEBSITE OWNER or third parties; or to prevent other users from accessing the website and its services through mass consumption of the computer resources used by the WEBSITE OWNER to provide its services.
– Attempting to access the email accounts of other users or the restricted areas of the IT systems belonging to the WEBSITE OWNER or third parties, and (where applicable) attempting to extract data.
– Infringing intellectual or industrial property rights or breaching the confidentiality of information belonging to the WEBSITE OWNER or third parties.
– Impersonating another user.
– Reproducing, copying, distributing, sharing, transforming, modifying or otherwise publicly disseminating the content, unless users have been authorized to do so by the owner of the corresponding rights or when such actions are permitted by law.
– Collecting data for advertising purposes; sending advertising material of any kind or messages of a sales-related or otherwise commercial nature on an unsolicited basis or without obtaining consent.
– All of the website’s content, including its text, photographs, graphics, images, icons, technology, software, graphic design and source code, constitute a work that belongs to the WEBSITE OWNER. None of the exploitation rights to said work may be understood to have been transferred to the user, beyond that which is strictly necessary to ensure correct use of the website.
– Users who access this website may view the content and, where applicable, make authorized private copies of it, provided the elements they copy are not subsequently transferred to third parties, installed on networked servers or subjected to any form of exploitation.

Likewise, any and all brand names, company names and distinguishing signs of any kind that may appear on the website belong to the WEBSITE OWNER. Access to or use of the website does not grant the user any rights in relation to said elements.

The distribution, modification, transfer or public dissemination of the content, and any other act that has not been expressly authorized by the owner of the exploitation rights, is strictly prohibited.
The inclusion of a hyperlink under no circumstances implies the existence of a relationship between the WEBSITE OWNER and the owner of the linked website, or the acceptance or approval of the content or services of said website on the part of the WEBSITE OWNER.

The WEBSITE OWNER will not be held liable for any particular use a user may make of the materials that are available on this website, or for any actions that may derive from this use.

The content of this website is general in nature and provided for informative purposes only. Full access to all of the website’s content is not guaranteed, nor is it guaranteed that said content is complete, accurate, valid, up to date or suitable for a particular purpose.

To the extent it is permitted by law, the WEBSITE OWNER will not be held liable for any damage or detriment that may occur as a result of the following:
– The impossibility of accessing the website or the untruthfulness, inaccuracy, incompleteness or outdatedness of its content, or any faults or defects in the content that is broadcast, shared, stored, made available or accessed via the website or the services offered thereon.
– The presence of viruses or other elements in the content that may alter users’ computer systems, electronic documents or data.
– Infringement of the law, the principles of good faith and public order, common practice or the terms and conditions of this legal notice as a result of incorrect use of the website. In particular, and by way of example, the WEBSITE OWNER will not be held liable for actions by third parties that infringe intellectual or industrial property rights, business secrets, the rights to honour, personal privacy and family life, image rights, or the regulations on unfair competition and unlawful advertising.

Likewise, the WEBSITE OWNER will not be held liable for any information that may be found outside this website and which is not directly managed by our webmaster. The purpose of the links included on this website is solely to inform users of the existence of other resources that may complement the content offered on this website. The WEBSITE OWNER does not guarantee or bear any liability for the functionality or accessibility of the linked websites, nor does it suggest, invite or recommend that users visit them, and as such cannot be held liable for the consequences of doing so. The WEBSITE OWNER will not be held liable for the adding of links by third parties.

If a user or third party believes there is evidence suggesting that any of the website’s content is being used unlawfully and/or that an unlawful activity is being committed involving the webpages that form part of or are accessed through the website, he or she must notify the WEBSITE OWNER, duly identify him/herself and provide details of the alleged infractions.

The legal information provided on this website does not replace the due publication of the laws, regulations, plans, general provisions and acts that are formally published by the corresponding public administrations in their official journals, which are the only instruments that can accredit the authenticity and content of said legislation. The information provided on this website is intended only as a guide and does not claim to be legally valid.



These terms and conditions are governed by current Spanish law.
The language that will be used in any matters arising in relation to these terms and conditions is Spanish.